12,000 Btu Klimaire 19 SEER Light Commercial Ceiling Recessed - Inverter Heat Pump System - 208-230V

Model: KSIE012-DIR12
SKU: KM14B1059

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Light Commercial Ductless Units Provide Turn-key Indoor comfort

Klimaire ductless light commercial air conditioner heat pump systems allow HVAC installation in spaces where ductwork is impractical or impossible. Eliminating the need for ductwork is not the only advantage. Klimaire inverter-driven mini-splits also provide “true zone control,” which means each indoor unit individually controls the temperature and humidity in the room where it’s installed. The inverter-driven compressor also stabilizes room temperature and saves energy.
By means of a microprocessor, inverter mechanics sense the indoor air temperature and adjust compressor speed to run in synch with the amount of heating or cooling required to maintain the temperature. In contrast, a standard on/off system runs at maximum speed until the set temperature is reached and then turns off. The temperature must change in order for the system to turn on again. This abrupt powering on and off of the system creates uncomfortable hot and cold swings and is not energy-efficient.

* Ultra-quiet operation
* Eliminating constant powering on and off translates into longer system life
* Heat pump plus inverter can cut energy by 49%

High-tech but simple to install and use, Klimaire mini-splits are 4-in-1 systems. Choose from heating, cooling, fan and dehumidification modes. Self-diagnostics and fault display codes also make preventative maintenance simple.

KDIR Indoor Unit

Klimaire KDIR12-H2 ducted recessed hideaway, low profile slim design indoor unit allows it to be installed easily above a drop ceiling or attic space, no floor space or cabinet build-up required. The super quite indoor unit is less than 9" in height. *Two convenient of return air configuration.
Back air inlet is standard, and bottom is optional. The bottom and back flange plate size is the same, which makes it easy to exchange installation return air opening from back to bottom.

* Standard fresh air intake round air duct connection
* Low profile and convenient Wired control
* Externally insulated body provides very quiet operation
* Anti-cold air function
* Sleep mode

Self –Diagnosing Function makes it easier to diagnose malfunctions by displaying error codes, reducing service labor time. Wired control easy read LCD Display gives the user to adjust and set temperature with comfort features such as sleep mode, turbo operation, dry mode, air swing control (louver control), fan speeds, timer and more, for complete automatic operation. *Humidity control- is achieved with Dry Mode function even when cooling may not be needed.

 | Outdoor Unit 

Klimaire KSIE012-H220-O unit is integrated with DC Inverter technology enables variable compressor speed, reducing the power usage to the minimum while keeping the indoor temperature steady and constantly controls the dehumidification process for better indoor air Quality and comfort. The outdoor unit is equipped with base pan heater ensures proper defrost drainage and compressor heating belt for longevity during harsh winter conditions. These features allow the unit to operate in winter temperature as low as-5ºF.

• Pre-charged for up to 25 feet of copper tubing
• Double cam twin rotary compressor 
• Auto defrost

Key Features
Additional Info

  • Sttandard back air inlet, optional bottom air inlet. Same size bottom and back fllange plates for easy installation interchangeability

  • Wired control and Standard fresh air duct connection

  • Save Energy with DC inverter technology adjusting speed to provide required capacity quickly for cooling and heating

  • Slim duct unit is 8.3" in height suitable for where ceiling cavity is small

Model Number KSIE012-DIR12
Brand Klimaire
System Type Ducted Recessed Heat Pump
Voltage/Phase/Frequency 208-230V/1Ph/60Hz
Cooling Capacity (Btu/h) 12000
Heating Capacity (Btu/h) 12000
HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) 10
Energy Star Qualified No
MOP (Maximum Overcurrent Protection) 15
Refrigerant Liquid Line/Gas Line 1/4" / 1/2"
Max Refrigerant Pipe Length No
Low Ambient Operation (Cooling) 62~90 ºF
Low Ambient Operation (Heating) 32~86 ºF
Manufacturer Parts Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Compressor Warranty 5 Years
Wi-Fi Device Controlled No
IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) No
Indoor Unit Type No


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